Space and Energy Efficient Appliances for Your Home

When you’re decorating your kitchen, nothing is more frustrating than letting space go to waste simply because you don’t have anything that’s quite the right size to occupy a corner, niche, or tiny cabinet. Your home decor decisions say a lot about you, and you don’t want to send the wrong message to guests.

Don’t worry, there’s a plethora of tiny, easy, helpful solutions to this problem that are as easy to implement as they are to overlook. Here’s an article to help you brainstorm what appliances can fit where.

Puzzling over where to put a full washer dryer combo set in your downsized home? Furnish your home the European way; when real estate is tight, just built up. Get a stacked washer dryer so you can take advantage of your unused vertical space instead of crowding your little-used horizontal space. Single-unit stacked washer-dryers range from small capacity to full-sized, Energy Star qualified, and even front-loading versions that cut down on your water and electricity usage and cut costs from your utilities bill. Just keep in msingle drawer dish washerind that most stackable washer-dryers are sold as separate units, so you’ll need to purchase a stacking kit along with each unit.

The single drawer dishwasher is the perfect solution for those who want the convenience¬†of washing dishes but simply don’t have the cupboard space. With these 16-inch-tall devices, you can sacrifice only a storage drawer for the luxury of having your dishes washed while you ¬†do you.

Plenty of people don’t want or need the full size refrigerator that has become commonplace in the American household. Manufacturers are beginning to design refrigerators that occupy that middle ground between tiny dorm room refrigerators and goliath 5-person family fridges that no two or one person household really needs. They look like cute, hobbit-sized versions of normal fridge-freezer combinations and offer plenty of space for a few steaks, some frozen vegetables, and even an Energy Star label.

Then there’s the cooktop option that allows you to sacrifice only the corner you need instead of an entire counter top for four burners that are never used simultaneously. An induction cooktop offers instant heat to the hungry cook while staying cool to the touch. The only issue is that your pot needs to be able to attract a magnet, otherwise it’s not the right appliance for you.

compact printerJust because you work from home doesn’t mean you need the enormous scanner, copier, and printer combo that has become standard in American home offices. If you have limited desk space and no real need for a copy machine, just get a compact printer instead. They start around $30 and fold down to the size of a shoebox when not in use. They’re even Energy STar qualified, meaning they save you from clutter and the dreaded utility bill.

Stay cool and keep your apartment free and open with a portable air conditioner. You don’t have to waste space by mounting it on your window and you can use its wheels to move it from room to room with ease as you change locations. That way you’re also not paying to heat an entire apartment when only room is used at once.

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