Setting The Mood In Your Kitchen

We’ve all been there, its Sunday morning you had, maybe a little too much fun last night and its time for breakfast, or should I say brunch. And all of a sudden you flip the switch to your kitchen and feel like you are on the receiving end of an interrogation light; no thank you. It makes you feel worse than the hangover itself. whether or not its this extremelyjlkj specific example or its something like setting the mood for a first date or what ever the lighting your room is going to make a much more profound effect on the feel of the space more so than any pictures or colors you put on the walls. Lighting is the life of a space and all the discomfort of the first example could have been avoided with a little care and attention paid to the idea of lighting. This seems an almost all to easy task, however, for most they do not even know where to begin. Worry not, for I am going to walk you through some various options to put the swag back in your kitchen. Whether you’re ballin on a budget, or ballin because you’re just ballin there are a lot of ways you make make it happen when trying to warm up or cool down a space. First is you need to determine what you think you are going to do and how you imagine you are going to use the space. What is that good good, and how do you imagine, it will be used in its perfect kjljkapplication. Its one think to say you want it better, its another thing entirely to know what that is and have the gumption to dare to excite. Once you know whats good, you know how atleast to begin to move towards this eventual end. The light of we think of top down or bottom up or here or there we quickly realize that we don’t really know what is perfect in any case because that notion seems to change in every case. What I mean is that we are multi fasted and multi interested beings who need to know what we want at any given instance that may change every day or even every hour. Ey Carumba ! That is why the biggest thing you can allow yourself is to have option to diversity and have several options and settings for the lighting. Maybe a fixed point in the morning for breakfast, and for dinner you have some LED stream lights that can allow you change the color or rhythm considering the quickness or mood you are trying to capture for your dinner. A party for pasta vs. a party for pad thai will drive home the point that what you are eating is going to be affected in how you enjoy it slightly by ┬áthe lighting and the little push at the end you put into it in this regard is going to make all the difference.

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