Make Stylish Pot Holders Without Spending a Penny

No one should ever spend money on pot holders; they’re maybe the easiest kitchen tool to create out of what’s just lying around the house, and they can be beautified with very little artistic skill or even inclination. Have I caught your interest? Read on to find out how you can become the pot holder queen:

All you need to go to get that last mile out of your pot holders without spending any extra money is to think to yourself; what was I about to throw away? Are there rags or old curtains or blankets in your house that you never use? Maybe a stained sheet or mattress cover that is mostly functional but you know will never again see the light of day? Stop holding onto it like a packrat and repurpose it into a stylish kitchen tool that will keep your little fingers from burning off.

home made pot holdersOnce you’ve figured out what you’re going to salvage for this effort, you just need a few more tools to pull this one off. You’ll want a tap measure, a straightedge, a pencil, sharp scissors, a sewing machine, an 8-inch plate, and some straight pins. Some thread would also be helpful here, as a sewing machine without thread is generally not useful.

Just a quick note: if you’d rather sew these guys by hand because that’s your style I commend you, but you really ought to consider how much more time that’s going to take if you just needle and thread it. I can’t promise that it won’t take enough extra time that you shouldn’t just go to Home Goods and buy some new pot holders or buy them super cheap off the internet. That said, if you just honestly enjoy the art of crafting, you’ve got to do you.

pot holderFor the rest of us mere mortals who would rather do this in half the time with a sewing machine; start out by deciding how large you want your pot holders to be and measuring and cutting the appropriate dimension into the fabric you’ve chosen to salvage. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, you might want to cut six or seven layers, or only two or three. It’s up to you, hopefully you know what burns you and what doesn’t. Also remember that fun ladies can always cut their fabric into fun shapes; you don’t have to stick to squares and circles! Triangles and hexagons are a riot, or the super talented can cut these things into the shape of barn yard animals or something.

Once you’ve cut the shapes, use straight pins to keep all the sides together and neat. Then use your sewing machine to sew around the edges, forcing the sides to stay together securely. You don’t want any important layers of protection to slip out while you’re handling a hot pot! You’ll burn your hands! Once you’re all finished, add buttons and ribbons to your liking or glue on some melt-proof googley eyes from Joanne’s Fabrics.

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