Know the Signs of a Good Repair

Lets face it when it comes to renovating your kitchen or home we are often left wondering what the hell the point and where the heck is all this money going. In the United State of America alone we spend on an average about $150 billion a year give or take, this is according to the national association of home builders. That’s a lot of cheese ! and a lot of opportunities for you to get bit time scammed and taken advantage of when trying to pick someone to do the job for you and when you are trying to buy all the right things. When we consider that Millions of dollars are lost each year because of home improvement scams. Older adults are the people who are the most vulnerable if they think a contractor is trying to knocking on the door may be a good Samaritan. And if the “good Samaritan” is particularly charming or pushy, it can be difficult to say no, says a writer for Angie’s List which is trying to cut through the riff raff and keep things fair and honest.

So we are going to go through the signs and tell you the ins and outs about what you need and what you should expect to make sure you are not the fool on the block. First thing is first, if someone comes a knocking on your door you should know that they are probably not going to do a very good job. This also applies to people who go door to door giving out flyers and stuff. Basically anything that involves your door be skeptical. The reason being is that anyone who is worth their weight in salt knows that a good contractor who does good work and has a good reputation doesn’t need to stoop to those lows. Another thing to know is that pressure to make the immediate decision is always a bad sign. You should always have the time and the ability to do your home work before you go out and hire one of these people. A contractor that is trying to catch you off guard or make you do something you are uncomfortable with is a real asshole if you ask me. The reason is that A contractor should never try to bully you or make you feel uncomfortable, ” a deal today should be a deal tomorrow.” Larry Flint.

Next up anyone who only accepts cash is usually a big time no no. This is because they are going to try to hide something and it makes you just think, what am I doing with this knuckle head. If they do not want to be legally bound to anything and if they don’t want any repercussions then they really gotta go that is all there is to it. Another thing to look out for is someone who says they have leftover materials from another job, that he can use for your home. Many scammers use this tactic, but the fact is that the contractor didn’t just come from another job and the materials are most likely no good. What the person is really thing to do is take your money, do a bad job that may cause more harm than good.

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