Green Home Improvements You Can Look Forward To

There are so many developments occurring in the realm of green technology that it’s apt to make onlookers’ heads spin; finally, the intrinsic value of living sustainably is merging with the financial value of living a life that uses fewer resources. As a result, energy efficient appliances, home solar panels, and a variety of other in-house changes have become possible and attractive to the average home owner. Wondering what crazy new gadgets you can expect to show up in our home over the next decade? Here’s a quick peak into the possible future:

Expect some major changes to occur in your home thermostat. With the Internet of Things increasing its pace towards the main stream and computerized gadgets replacing what used to be analog, it’s likely that home thermostats will become automated within the near future. And it makes sense; to have a thermostat that has already been inputted with circumstantial preferences and that can adjust to whichever preference given a particular situation would not involve any major technological advancement that hasn’t already occurred. It’s simply a matter of harnessing these advancements for different functions, eventually landing at the home thermostat.

recycled mateiralsIn fact, the Nest Learning Thermostat is already a prominent step in that general direction; according to Nest, it “learns your heating and cooling preferences and automatically adjusts itself.” The company has stated that all together, Nest users saved somewhere around $29 million in energy bills over the course of just under two years, and that’s without ever remembering to adjust their house’s temperatures.

Another new-age green development you can expect to make changes in your kitchenware: you’ll likely have a lot more appliances, counter tops, carpets, insulation, and other aspects of your kitchen’s foundation that are made out of recycled materials. Carpets, counter tops and insulation are already all made with recycled materials, but the widespread appreciation and buying-into of this service has yet to take place.

blerpYou’re also likely to have kitchen appliances that use alternative energy sources in order to complete the same age-old functions; electric stoves may become the norm (though hopefully they’ll be easier to control and adjust). You may find that your kitchen operates off of solar power, wind power, or even a geothermal system. Solar panels and geothermal systems are additions that one can currently make to one’s own property, but it’s not always worth it financially, so people have to be excited about alternative energy for philosophical reasons instead.

A final home adjustment you may want to be aware of before it becomes all the range? It might be that your entire kitchen, from the ground floor up, has its foundation based in a flat-packed kit. Pre-fabs are more environmentally friendly that one might expect, and their conventional framing enables easy access to all the home’s systems as well as a durability that means that the home should stand problem-free for decades. Not to mention these homes can be engineered to be vinyl-free, finished with low-VOC materials, and insulated with harmless cellulose.

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