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Know the Signs of a Good Repair

Lets face it when it comes to renovating your kitchen or home we are often left wondering what the hell the point and where the heck is all this money going. In the United State of America alone we spend on an average about $150 billion a year give or take, this is according to the national association of home builders. That’s a lot of cheese ! and a lot… Read Article →

Make Stylish Pot Holders Without Spending a Penny

No one should ever spend money on pot holders; they’re maybe the easiest kitchen tool to create out of what’s just lying around the house, and they can be beautified with very little artistic skill or even inclination. Have I caught your interest? Read on to find out how you can become the pot holder queen: All you need to go to get that last mile out of your pot… Read Article →

The Science Behind Your Grill

Every American loves a good grill, especially in the event of a good old fashioned barbecue. But how exactly do they transform raw chunks of meat into delicious dinners that fill you up for a week? This article will lay it out for you from start to finish. Gas and charcoal grills are the most common types of grills available to the standard bbq’er. Gas grills can use liquid-propane and… Read Article →

Household Objects You Can Make Yourself

You may be asking yourself, why would I spend any of my time making magnets? Well, believe it or not, a huge proportion of your electrical appliances rely on electric motors to work, i.e. they rely on magnets to blend your food, circulate air in your house, or even dry your hair. Not to mention, magnets are the active source of all electricity. So why not take it upon yourself… Read Article →

Get Your Vacuum Sucking Again

Vacuums are pretty durable, but they’ll break down on you eventually. If you understand how they work, you have a better likelihood of repairing them yourself instead of breaking the bank on a new one. First off, you should determine what type of vacuum cleaner you have. Chances are it’s either an upright or canister vacuum. The upright has a motor and beater bar all contained within the same unit,… Read Article →