5 Ways to Ensure Your Bathroom Remodel is Right for You

Planning on a bathroom renovation this summer ? stay calm it will all be okay if you follow these sure fire ways to get the most out of your bathroom in terms of both style and function. Before you start your big job, don’t make the mistake that too many home owners make, hiring the first contractors who walk into their house that’s a really big no-no when it comes to making sure you get off to the right start. From there once you have picked the right contractor for you, a person that you are going to have enter your home and have an intimate relationship with so make sure you know them well and get along, and above all you can trust the quality of their work and the integrity of their word. 

Once you have all that squared away the next logical step is to make sure you get the right permits. This is a big one and could cost you big time in the future if you don’t do it right. If you are changing or modifying any electrical in your bathroom, guess what, you need need to obtain an electrical permit no if and’s or but’s about it. Circumventing this crucial step and going into the nitty gritty only to get found out later is going to cost you big in fines. Also if you are planing on moving any plumbing, the same follows. In any case you are going to probably also be doing some serious demolition work so make sure you get the right permits for that as well.

Once you get the all that squared away, you will want to make it worth the investment you are putting into it. So now is the time that you look at the bathroom and decide if you can make it larger. Can it even extend into the bedroom? who knows but its something to consider. Do you want to pull out a closet? maybe. this is the time to make changes because once the bathroom is done and its still the same size you might be kicking yourself because you know that the ship has sailed and there will be no going back in the event of the new bathroom.

Up next is that you do not over look and skimp on using the right material for your bathroom, because a penny saved today is going to be a dollar in repairs tomorrow. everything in your bathroom must be mold resistant. This is not just an ascetic thing or something you think you can live with. Mold causes serious health threats so make sure you are acting accordingly. Also a big thing to consider is that you want to go as simple as possible when you’re in your bathroom and make every surface every easy to access and clean. This is often overlooked. And although you are going for something that is simple you need to also make sure the look is timeless and will last for years to come in how it looks.

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