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5 Ways to Ensure Your Bathroom Remodel is Right for You

Planning on a bathroom renovation this summer ? stay calm it will all be okay if you follow these sure fire ways to get the most out of your bathroom in terms of both style and function. Before you start your big job, don’t make the mistake that too many home owners make, hiring the first contractors who walk into their house that’s a really big no-no when it comes… Read Article →

Are Pizza Ovens for You?

An outdoor pizza oven is a very cool addition to any baker’s backyard. It’s perhaps one of the easiest appliances for someone to make themselves, and it creates a rustic and homey mood in any backyard kitchen (and a delicious aroma) during long summer nights. Outdoor pizza ovens are great for making not only pizza, but slow cooking meat like a shoulder of lamb, belly pork, beef ribs, pork ribs and… Read Article →