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Small Never Felt So Big

Today if you consider the hallmarks of a standard kitchen, you have to include your refrigerator, your ranges, a dishwasher, full size over, at least 4 burning tops and a large cooking surface to tie it all together. Add it all up and you are left with quite the problem on your hands of finding where to put it all if space is an problem. All to often we are… Read Article →

Space and Energy Efficient Appliances for Your Home

When you’re decorating your kitchen, nothing is more frustrating than letting space go to waste simply because you don’t have anything that’s quite the right size to occupy a corner, niche, or tiny cabinet. Your home decor decisions say a lot about you, and you don’t want to send the wrong message to guests. Don’t worry, there’s a plethora of tiny, easy, helpful solutions to this problem that are as… Read Article →